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    Viewing the Usage Reports


      Does any one know how the account administrator can view the Usage reports?

      The documentation says that the account administrator can view the reports for the various users, by right clicking on the system tray icon.

      As far as I can see, I can only view a report if:-
      1) I enable the option for a user to see their own report
      2) I then log in as that user.

      As adminstrator (logged in) I can only see my own report, not the different users.

      I am sure I am missing the blindingly obvious but .....................!

      Thanks for any help.

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          You have to be logged in to the computer with a windows administrator acount in order to see the reports for all users in Family Protection!

          This vital piece of information appears to be missing from the documentation.

          Hope this helps
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            I am using both XP & Vista systems. I have logged in with my acccount, which is an administrator account and would be my default personal log in. The situation is still as I described it in my original report. I am using the Mcafee Family Protection software as supplied to/through BT (British Telecom) as part of their broadband package.

            When logged into Family Protection on that adminstrator acount (in addition to being logged into my Windows Admin account) I am still only see myself in the User list in the selection box on the left side of the user report screen. No other users are shown/can be selected. At present, in order to view another user's usage I need to log into their account and to have enabled them to see their own report.

            Still :confused:
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              Try unchecking 'Username can view their own usage reports'.
              Then login as that user and do something online (go to google for example).

              Logout of that account and login as your Family Protection Admin and then right click the Family Protection icon and choose 'View usage reports...'

              You should see the other users listed in the box on the left.
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                that seems to have finally cracked it.