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    Banned words - removal


      i have a problem and it's doin my head in - how on earth do you remove banned words from the family protection?

      I added a wordstring to this program that happened to be my facebook login name (don't ask why i would do that??!) anyway, i can get into the facebook "wall" but as soon as i hit " my profile" McAfee bungs up a message about being unable to view that page because it contains a word on my banned words list - Doh!

      How do i remove those words? a simple explaination would work best!

      Thanks all

      PS, i added those words to the banned word list on my laptop, but i'm trying to access the page from my pc. The way i understood the FPC is that it stores all the info on the Mcafee servers, so i'd think that by changing a setting on the pc, it would make the changes automatically on the laptop?
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          Peter M
          You can't do that, without disabling the entire thing. Lesson, don't use words that resemble or are those kind of words.

          You might want to read the user guide carefully as it's new to us too and we aren't very familiar with it yet.


          It says..


          Keyword Based
          This function can be very eective if used correctly and is a powerful tool in providing safe access to Internet search
          engines. Family Protection includes several dictionaries of both profanity and sexually suggestive words that can
          automatically be banned by clicking the two top boxes within this feature.
          If the words in our dictionary appear in the URL, that site will be blocked.
          To add custom words to the word/phrase dictionary, type your word/phrase in the “Add an entry to custom keyword
          list” box and click “Add Keyword.”
          A Note of Caution: When adding your own words to the dictionary, this program can get very restrictive very quickly. For
          instance, if you block the word “soft” then Family Protection will also block out any derivative of the word “soft,” including
          websites that use the word “software” or “softball.” The program is built this way to be as fail safe as possible for our
          users and requires the person with administrative rights to carefully choose customized blocked words and phrases.
          We advise you use terms that are at least four letters long.

          I will, however, ask for you. These are words you have added right?
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            hey there, thanks for your reply.

            i added the blocked word "liquidstool" to the banned word list. what i wanted to do was to stop my missus from following my internet activity. i installed FPC on the laptop which she uses, however i'm beginning to think i may have done it wrong, i think i set it up identically to my pc. i think i should have added another user rather than just installing it on the lappy without creating settings for a new user which i think i should've done!

            so there is no way to remove the banned string from the list? that will leave me the alternative of removing FPC from both machines and starting again - booooooo me!
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              Peter M
              No-one has answered me yet on the subject of removing words. So I'm afraid the answer is to uninstall it from all systems.
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                ok friend thanks. that would appear to be a major short coming of what so far has been a rather good program.
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                  Peter M
                  If I hear anything I'll post. It's on the agenda for our weekly Conference Call with the McAfee brass.
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                    Peter M
                    From a McAfee T3 Technician:

                    Open McAfee Family Protection Administrator panel
                    Click 'Web Blocking' from the list on the left
                    Click 'Configure Banned Keywords/Phrases' icon in top right
                    Select user from drop down list at the top
                    List of custom keywords/phase list will populate if any have been added
                    To remove, select the entry and click 'Remove Selected Keyword' button.
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                      doh! sometimes it's just so obvious it hurts!

                      Thanks for that, did the trick but it does appear to have thrown up another problem. Being as the original thread has been solved, i'll strat a new one with the new error.

                      Thanks again man:)
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                        Peter M
                        Glad to help.