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    Permission set (is this possible???)


      Hi All....


      Just wanted to find out if anyone knows if this is possible ,


      I work for a bank and in each branch we have a server , which has by request been totally locked down by a policy (prevent modification etv)

      At certain times the techies need to do work on these servers and have to conect us everytime to logon to ePO to lift the policies.


      Now the reason they do not do it themselves is they are not familiar with Mcafee and its software


      My question is we would like to create a permission set and create a user profile for them which will allow them to logon to ePO with limited access just to see the dashboard etc, and allow them to lift and enforce this policy without risking giving them too much access?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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          You can create a permission set which will give users access to the dashboards. Be aware that if you create a custom dashboard and the user does not have permission to view a query\element you add to that dashboard, the user won't see that element.


          You can also give the permission set rights to certain products so they can edit certain policies.


          These are described in more detail in the Product guide.


          ePO 4.5 - p.25

          ePO 4.0 - p.16 and p.23

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            Thanks Greg that did guide me in the right direction , now I am on my final stumbling stone and need to find out if ePO will allow me to go any more granular , I need to ensure that the people we are creating this permission set for ONLY have access to "ACCESS PROTECTION" and not any of the other sets as it would be a risk giving them access to all the category sets. Please see screenshot....


            Thanks in advance...


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              Unfortunately that level of granularity is not available. This can be entered as an FMR.