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    Configuration Question


      Please could you give me some advice before I got ahead and install this product.

      How does the user assignment work? The scenerio s my children each have their own netbook or desktop computer. As they are the only ones that use that computer there was no need to setup up more than one login, so XP loads straight into the desktop.

      Now, do I set up an adminstrative account on my computer. THen install the product on each of their computers and setup up their access on each computer indidually? Am I making myself clear?

      Many thanks in advance

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          Peter M
          From the user guide pinned at the top of this forum it states in part..


          You can install Family Protection on additional computers (up to 3 total). You do not need to perform step 3 (registration) on each (additional) computer. You can install Family Protection using the username and password from the 1st computer.

          It is recommended to disable any other parental control functions included with other software products or programs.

          You will have to activate and password-protect the Administrator account on the extra machines and in the process I suggest that you also password-protect the BIOS as kids have a wonderful knack of finding backdoors. (3 year-olds are genuises compared with the likes of myself when it comes to computers).

          There's a guide on how to unhide the Administrator account in XP here: http://www.mydigitallife.info/2006/05/07/unhide-the-administrator-account-in-win dows-xp/
          or here: http://windowsxp.mvps.org/admins.htm (The latter points out TweakUI which will enable autologon for their user name(s) I think. It's been a while since I really looked at my old XP OS).

          From what I've read in the user guide this allows setup on only 2 additional machines & the application would have to be installed on all of them.

          See the stickies posted at the top of the forum.
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            Thanks for the quick reply.

            Do you know if the account type matters on the kids laptop/desktop? For example the parental control in total protection 2009 would only worl on limited accounts.
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              Peter M
              Limited accounts are OK as far as I know. I don't use either product myself.

              The only reason I broached the subject of the hidden Admin accounts was that you would need that in order to install and set it up.
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                Well I took the pludge and install this product last night and I have to say I'm very impressed with it. This is what the parental controls should be like that were supplied with Total Protection 2009. It's just a shame you have to pay the extra for it.

                Basically this is what I found if anyone is interested.

                You can install the product even if you only have one account on the computer. Doesn't matter if it's an Administrator or Limited User account.

                As part of the installation you have to enter your "My Account" details to link the product to your account. Then you have to creat an Administrator Account which is the same details as the "My Account" ones. This is made very clear. Once in there you can setup users accounts and set what you want it to do for that user. Then on the other compute ryou install the product as above and but right click on the house in the system try and select log off user and remove saved log. Then righ click again and log back in, this time you can enter the username and password you set up for that user. Click the remember user and password box. Doing this wil lautomatically sign that user as soon as they access the internet whether that be via MSN, IE, etc.

                Hope this helps anyone considering buying this product but put off by the parental controls in the other McAfee products.
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                  Vinod R

                  Thanks... this is a good summary of how to setup this product .....

                  Some of the features ...

                  Will work on admin or non admin accounts.
                  You need to setup an account on one machine and simply install the software and use the account details to login to the other machine...

                  You can... using the admin account manage ,edit ,change etc.. the settings of other users such as the children from any where on the world.. even when traveling provided you have internet access to this page
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                    Peter M
                    Interesting. It's such a new product I'm afraid we Mods know precious little about it....so far.

                    Is everything OK now so we can close this thread?
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                      Hi ya

                      Yes this thread can be cloed now.

                      Many thanks

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                        Peter M
                        OK, good luck.