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    A malware? (calling itself Personal Security) Screen reappears reporting I have problems.

      My computer has begun displaying a screen (very similar in appearance to McAfee) which expresses warnings that I have a large number of viruses.  It will show a huge list of these threats.  Clicking upon the displayed fix button a screen which appears and offer the service for $59.95.  I have not accepted this offer.  Trying to close the screen it continues to reappear  throughout the use of the computer.  Not being familiar with this sort of thing, am I correct that this is some form of virus?  I am using the McAfee software which scans and reports that everything is OK.  How should I proceed?  At this point I haven't contacted McAfee because their phonelines are too busy and I'm not sure what is going on.


      Can anyone help a 60 year old computer-incompetent?