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    [Help] How to block certain files from being copy from a shared folder

      Hello everybody. Im new with McaFee DLP.

      im using DLP 3.0 on a lab eviroment. I tried to make a clipboard & print block rules and it didnt work for me at all.

      1st i made a Location Based Tagging Rule that all *.TXT and *.DOC on a shared folder which is in my file server will be tagged. (and called it TAG1)

      2nd i made a Printing Protection Rule and configured it to block all network & local printers. I also created unmanaged printer model. (and attache it to TAG1)

      3rd i made a Clipboad Protection Rule and configured it to block TAG1 from being copy.

      also i created 3 domain users and listed it to an User Assignment Group.

      I think i made everythnig just right. and i dont know why this isnt working... \=

      When i login with one of the users i created and accessing to the shared folder i can still copy it to my desktop and print it and do whatever i want to.

      Any help will be appreciated!


      Other rules like Screen Capture Protection Rule is working just fine!

      if it will help you to help me this is my lab enviroment:

      1 SQL 2005 SP2

      1 DC 2003

      1 McaFee EPO 4.5

      2 XP Clients SP3 (ENG)

      Thanks, Nir.