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    Scanning with alternate program question


      I have a question.I am not very expieranced with computers & i was wondering.Just to be on the safe side.When scanning with another program such as malwareantibytes or window defender ect.What procedures should you take as far as disableing mcafee,if there are any.I am asking because i have had a few wierd issues like added google toolbars,ect.and a few other things.I am running windows 7 and mcafee security canter.J ust want to be on the safe side.Also when running stinger can you leave your mcafee security center as is?                                                     Thanks



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          There is no need to disable McAfee for any of those applications to run.


          Basically never run more than 1 antivirus and 1 firewall (with the exception of hardware-based firewalls such as those found in routers) but you can run more than 1 anti-spyware application provided it doesn't have any form of anti-viral activity.



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            Thank you very much.I have noticed that some people get aggrevated and try to use the communities as a forum for their displeasure with mcafee.It,s sad,but your always going to have other people out there trying to hack and infiltrate the systems that are put in place.Anyway thanks again for your help.I imagine at times that it seems like a thankless job.But i appreciate the fact that you donate your own time to help soooo many people.


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              Thanks for the kind thoughts.