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    Unable to install Total Protection



      I had a PC with Vista. As a lot of my previous applications and HW (like my scanner) was not working correctly on it, I have fully reformated the HDD and re-installed Windows XP. I am now with Windows XP Professional SP3.


      I have then tryed to re-installed Total Protection on it using the DMSetup application and it fails.

      I have a 4 users license and it is installed correctly on the 3 other PC and it was also instaled correclty before on this PC when it was running Vista.


      The only error messages that I received are 8 red crosses assossiacted the the 8 programs of the package then a proposition to retry the installation (I have retried at least 30 times) or to run the Virtual technician. I have done this also several times


      The Virtual technician gives me only these errors and it claims it succeeds to solve them:

      virtual technician.JPG


      The disk C where windows is installed has 160 GB free, so no issue from that place.


      I have tried also to run the two following tools but no imporvements, it is still failing:

      * McPreInstall.exe

      * MCPR.exe


      What is very strange is that from times to to times (one every 3 try), one or two application get installed (Security Center and either Parental Control or Site Advisor).


      It becomes very frustrating: I have re-installed my PC 3 days ago and I still not able to use it as I want as I have no anti-virus on it.


      Could anyonehelp me?


      Best Regards,


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          Peter M

          What XP SP3 is this - 32-bit or 64-bit?  Are you totally up to date with all Windows Updates whether critical or non-critical?  Is Java and Flash up to date?  McAfee relies heavily on Internet Explorer being the latest version (IE8) and set to default settings...what version are you using?  Please check that whether or not it's your default browser and state what version you are using.


          When you ran MCPR did it end successfully?  If not run it again.


          Have you had any other protection software running?


          If you have any registry cleaners or optimizers onboard stop using them immediately as they invariably remove essential files & cause mayhem eventually.

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            It is Windoxs XP SP3 32 bits


            IE 8.0 was not my defualt browser: I have configured it as such

            I have activated the function 'check update at start-up' of IE8.0 and one update has been installed.


            Indeed Java was not yet installed: I have installed Java RTE 1.6.0_17 (the latest one from Java web site).


            For information, I had read mention of MSXML in other posts. So I have installed MSXML 3.0 and MSXML 4.0 SP3.


            I have run again MCPR.exe: It claims it did it job correctly :

            December 06, 2009 12:29:33
            INFO   Cleanup finished running using Task Scheduler.
            PASS   The products have been successfully removed.


            Then I have rebooted the PC and tried again the installation (with Windows Firewall desactivated). By the way I do not have any other anti-virus SW and I have not touch to registry information myself.


            This time it has partially succededed but unfortunately for the least important modules (from my point of view)

            * Security Center : Success

            * Parental Control : Success

            * Site Advisor : Success

            * Backup & Restore: Success


            By the way, is there a possibility now that some modules are installed, to install the others without having to uninstall everything?



            Best Regards,


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              Peter M

              The next thing to check for which could stop installation is rival software...any?  Also check that your System Clock is accurate, bith time and timezone-wise.


              Go to IE8 Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click Reset, Apply and OK.  Close and reopen IE then go to Tools/Manage Add-ons and re-enable the add-ons.


              Or..some kind of infection.  Run an online virus check here.


              Download, install, update and run the free version of the following tools and let them clean anything they find and reboot when asked to.






              If that fails then I suggest tecnical Support Chat via the McAfee Support link at top of this page.

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                Still not able to install it.


                I will try the chat tomorrow.

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                  Peter M

                  Then try Technical Support Chat as I mentioned earlier.