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    Combine 4 query's to 1 report


      We are usinge virusscan 8.7 and epo 4.0

      We want to combine 4 query's to one pdf and email that pdf file.

      Is this possible.And if so how can we do that.


      Im quit new to epo, so please explain in a simple manner,

      Excuses for the English hope you understand.

      Please help.


      the 4 query's are

      Compliance Summary
      Installed products by product version
      Detected threats by threat name (last 7 days)
      Detected threats by threat name, username and hostname (last 7 days)




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          No you cant do this, but you can create an automated server task that runs all the queries you want (whenever you schedule it) and for the action when run, emails each one to a specified address. You will however get 4 emails one for each query.

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