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    New McAfee User

      On 12/2/09 I purchased (online) the 3-User McAfee Internet Security package. I have a Dell Latitude D510 laptop with Windows XP. The download went well and everything installed properly. Since the install, however, the laptop has been extremely slow, very sluggish and I shut down and reboot often as I get error messages telling me to "end now" as " program is not responding" (I may be on the internet, or word perfect when these error messages come up). I received these "end now..." messages previously perhaps once or twice a month. Since I downloaded the McAfee Security package, I am getting them-4 times in an hour.

      I have described this problem the best I know how and am hoping someone in the "community" has had or knows someone who has had this kind of problem. Again, eveything downloaded as it should, the McAfee scan was successful, telling me I had "no problems" .

      Can anyone help me out? I am hoping this is a common or fairly common problem that can be resolved online.

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          Hi tpnick ,


          Can you provide some information about the computer; like

          What is the RAM size ?

          Do you have any other security softwares installed ?

          How old is this computer ?




          Dinesh  K

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            Thanks Dinesh K. for responding so quickly.

            Inasmuch as I am far from computer savvy, I am unsure how much RAM size I have. After some digging, I did find that it has 37.17 Gb, Can you get the RAM size from that?

            Further, I have n I received my Latitude D510 in October of 2005 as a gift (I believe it was purchased and then "re-gifted" to me). o other security softwares installed.

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              Right click on 'my computer' and click properties , you could find  the system’s Ram size. (click image to enlarge)

              You could even delete windows temp files and run a McAfee Quick clean which will help in clearing some temporary files .




              Dinesh K

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              on 12/10/09 11:50:21 AM GMT-06:00