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    AD account expiration not updating in SB console?

      We're having a problem where AD accounts are expiring (contractors) and their accounts get disabled - this then disables their accounts in SafeBoot which is how we want it. The problem is when we re-enable and extend the expiration date of their AD account, this information never seems to make it over to the SafeBoot side.


      So if Bob's AD account is set to expire on 12/31, the AD account disables and it disables his SafeBoot account. This is exactly as it should be. However, when our helpdesk extends his account expiration in AD to 02/28 of the next year, this information never shows up in the SafeBoot account. When you open his SafeBoot account it will still show the original account expiration date.


      Is this a bug or a problem with our configuration that I can check on?