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    Motion Computing Tablet and EEPC Issue


      I'm trying to get EEPC 5.2.1 working on a Motion Computing Tablet PC, and am having difficulties.  I have a package created, and installed on the machine.  However,  when the machine boots, it appears that the Pen Digitizer isn't working,  meaning you can't do anything with the attached Pen.  These devices don't have an attached keyboard,  so I really need to be able to login with the on-screen keyboard and Pen.  The device has a docking station that you can attach a keyboard to,  but I want the users to be able to be able to authenticate to the device when they are away from the docking station.  I've enabled the 5.2 OPTION: WACOM Active Tablet Pen Driver,  but it doesn't seem to work.


      Any suggestions?