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    McAfee Vault

      After receiving the notice that the McAfee vault needed to be update, after it started downloading I was told to uninstall the old version. Now I only had it for maybe a week. So I did but the update hasn't shown up again. What do you do in a case like this

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          Could you please tell me how was the program (antitheft) installed ? -- through a cd or from the website along with any McAfee suite ?

          And let me know how did you uninstall the antitheft program ?





          Dinesh K

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            I downloaded the Security Suite from McAfee website, I had to call them to get it started then it went right on thru. But like I said it seemed like it was only a few days or a week later a message popped up when I turned my computer on that there was an update for the Vault and when I started the update was told I had to uninstall the earlier version.  I went into my computer and did the uninstall for McAfee Vault, but since then I haven't gotten it back. Don't know what to do. Hope you can help me.

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              If you sign into your account at http://home.mcafee.com/ you will find the McAfee Anti-Theft download there.

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                Thank you for you help.  You had the right answer it work fine. Thanks again

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                  McAfee Personal Vault also provides password  protection to  prevent anyone from accessing your files if your computer  is lost or stolen.