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    Passing multicast through the Sidewinder

      Has anyone ever tried to pass multicast traffic (bidirectional) through the Sidewinder and been successful w/o using a gre tunnel to bypass it? I have set the firewall up in bridged mode for a single network and allowed UDP traffic to pass between two different hosts on the same subnet. Using a network sniffer program running on the source host I can see the udp packets leaving but for some reason not going through the firewall. The audit log doesn't show any probe or denial messages but the traffic is being dropped at this point. Any ideas???

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          Knowledge base article KB61423 explains how to configure the Sidewinder to pass multicast traffic. If you login to your account on the support portal, you can access the KB article. Please see if the article helps. If you still continue having problems passing multicast traffic through the firewall, then I recommend contacting Technical Support directly for assistance.