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    Can McAfee and AVG be used together?

      Hi there


      I have been browsing the web to find out some answers, but hasn't exactly got the answer I've been looking for.


      I have been having some problems with my Internet lately.  I have had McAfee Internet Security 2009 installed on my laptop for a year now.  It has expired and i bought a new one over the Internet.  I started installing it and then it downloads approximately 62MB.  When that happened I stopped the installation.


      The reason for this is that my bandwidth has ben disappearing.  My wireless is always connected to my computer, day in and out.  So I started realizing it's disappearing, as I have always been able to get through with 1GB a month.  Last month (November) i had to buy extra bandwidth cause my usual 1GB was not enough.  So I started playing around with McAfee to see if I can up my security on the Internet and on my computer.  I still have not installed the Internet Security 2010 yet. Also another thing.  I had Google Chrome installed as a web browser.


      Then eventually I thought things will go better now.  O my goodness.  Try to go onto the internet, ERRORS ERRORS and more ERRORS!!!!  So I changed a few things around.  Eventually I got access to the internet and all worked there.  Then it came to emails.  Incoming was fine, nothing worked with outgoing.  Phoned my service provider, went through a few steps, still gave me errors.  They said all was fine on their side, it must be my security.  Then I thought it was time to download the new McAfee as it is December now.  It downloaded the 62MB and then installed a bit and downloaded another 30MB.  Then eventually fully installed.  At this time my outgoing mail was still not fixed.


      After installing and restarting etc.  McAfee was up and running perfectly.  Then i checked my mail, and wualla, all was working fine, no problems.


      Now i am too scared to change any settings.  But not sure if my Internet is safe now.  I am now unplugging my wireless connection every time I am not using the Internet.

      In the mean time i have also unstalled Google Chrome and Installed Firefox.  Previously I have used Firefox and never had any problems.


      What I need to know is how safe is McAfee really?  I have read up that a lot of people speaks very highly of AVG.  I have been contemplating downloading the FREE version of AVG and see if it works.  Is is also quite a large file to download and don't want to waste my Internet cap on something that is not going to work.


      Will AVG (just for extra security) work with McAfee?  Will my computer crash?  Will it affect the speed of my computer?


      I need some advise and help please.