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    Schedule Scan Sends Alert: 'Scan Found Infected Files' Contrary to Policy

      On an ePO 4.0 patch 5 (build 1298), VSE 8.7i p2 clients,


      I'm getting a notification email alert each time we run a scheduled scan against workstations.  The event ID is 1038, Description: Scan found infected files.  When I check the log on the system that was scanned it is reporting cookie detections (e.g. Cookie-207 (Potentially Unwanted Program)) and/or infected files (eicar.com).  Our scheduled scan task "Reports" property "Alert when a cookie detection occurs" is unchecked.  In addition to this our 'Alert Policies', 'Alert Manager Alerts', 'Components that generate alerts', 'On-Demand scan and scheduled scans' is unchecked.


      Does anyone else experience this behaviour?  Can you reproduce this behaviour?