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    Windows XP Pro : startup/logon issue OxC00000BB

      Hi, we're having more and more issues with a virus that stops us from logging on Windows XP machines (all updates).


      Whe we try to log, we get this message


      The system cannot log you on due to the following error: Invalid access to memory location.


      If I attempt to logon to the system with a Domain Account or any other account I get the following MS Error Code:



      We did windows repair, all updates, put the drive as slave in another pc (can't use any anti-virus/malware software cause it blocks it). DId full scan with Mcafee 8.5 latest dat files, found nothing.


      Finnally we did a scan with Dr Web and sometimes it finds two infected files




      which he says are infected with




      If he finds it and deletes them we're able to log back on the machine. If not we still can't


      Did a call with MS and they found a reg key  Under HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32


      midi9 REG_SZ C:\Windows\..\kft.bak 0yAAAAAAAA


      the kft.bak can change but it's always something close to and 0yAAAAAAAA is always there.


      what it does is it creates a files in the %TEMP% called by the same name.


      If we delete it something recreates it (process link to explorer.exe) and then tries to stream more files with it.


      We've find no way to block it, only one way to clean it, but ot doesn't always work.


      Any ideas?


      Our antivirus is mcafee 8.5 with EPO 4.5 all updated.


      Also found a thread related to the same issue



      Thks in advance.