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    mcafee problems

      I'm having troubles, with Mcafee installing itself without asking, chewing up every last ounce of my computer's resources, even though I end the Mcafee process it automatically starts itself again, and I cannot uninstall it even with administrator rights. I get the funny feeling that Mcafee IS a virus. The only reason I have this "anti-virus" program, is because my school required it. After this experience I will never again use Mcafee, I will never recommend it, and I will recommend against this virus spawning program.

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          Hi Mohicanbob,

          Sorry for the delayed response, Can you please clarify?

          What is the version of McAfee product you have system? How long you been facing the issue in the system?

          Did you made any recent changes to the computer (software/hardware)?

          Did you have any other security software in the system?

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            virus scan enterprise 8.7i

            Ever since I installed the program I've had problems with it slowing my computer on startup. It used to take about 30 seconds or so on startup, but now it'll take anywhere from 3 -5 minutes to completely load my desktop. At first I thought it was maybe a virus, but nothing showed up and the problem started after I installed the software in the beginning of Oct. I also have a copy of ESET Nod32 antivirus. I haven't made any changes to hardware on this computer.

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              You should work with your admin, and/or McAfee Support, to investigate your system's health and configuration.


              There are some startup performance issues identified with 8.7i, which we expect to see resolved in the next release (some improvements may be seen in future patches).

              To be certain what the cause(s) for your system is, it requires a closer look.