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    HDLP 3.0 performance issue.


      Performance issue with HDLP Agent 3.0. I already applied the patch 10 but the problem still persists.


      Greatly appreciate any help or comment about HDLP performace issues.

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          Never heard about patch 10 but you can limit your memory usage to a certain level in the agent configuration. Give it a try and see!


          - AB

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            I have some perfomance issues and trouble with explorer in Windows XP and Windows Vista, my problem with HDLP 3.0 is when i try to copy any files to a network mapped drive, the copy is too slow, appear like "not responding" in the windows bar. Since i have been installed the DLP Agent the logon process is taken more from previous to installation. Does exist any document for Best Practices, Application Whitelisting o some else?, how can i be part of beta testers of DLP 3.1?

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              Have you excluded the fcag processes if you are using VirusScan? Also try to turn off the handlers related to rules you are not using in your environment now. Also there is a option you can limit the usage of memore in the agent config...try all these options and see it that makes any change!!


              - AB

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                I already excluded the fcag* processes and only enabled necessaries handles for my environment.

                The support guys requested me to disable all logging options on the Agent Configuration, for me this seems not to make sense.

                Which are the consequencias of disable all logging options from Agent configuration ?

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                  Yes - you should disable all the logging options. I have seen those creating performance issues in the past.


                  Anyway if you keep the logging options ON - there is not much of help as DLP local logs is not much helpful for troubleshooting.


                  - AB