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    Fatal error (0xEE00000B) EPEi_system_policy


      when rebooted after EE6 encryption (XPSP3) with SSO enabled I am getting error on startup. McAfee endpoint encryption. Fatal error (0xEE00000B) EPEi_system_policy.I think EE00000B means Interface not found!

      Any suggessions?

      Laptop: Lenovo x61s

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          I did not install manually for this one where I am getting aforementioned error.

          Instead I used documented steps which worked seamlessly for other laptops. (used 2 ePO client task to deploy) After first restart encryption started and it went somewhere up to ~40% - then user restarted.

          Now unable to boot with above error.

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            If you want recovery, then you should look into EETech document, recently published.

            But if you want to find out why it happened in the first place, then that's different story. I don't have explanation at this moment.

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              Thanks Peter.

              I found the recent doco. will follow EE. I still need to find the answer as this could happen again their fleet.


              FYI - The laptop that I used for the manual installation works find now. It's fully encrypted and SSO working fine.

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                Ok Guys, Here are my findings regarding above error.


                System I had trouble with had PointSec 6.3.1 installed - I uninstalled manually then after the reboot I was getting

                " The logon user interface DLL osdgina.dll failed to load.
                Contact your system administrator to replace the DLL
                or restore the original dll.

                So I replaced with MSgina.dll and I was able to logged in. Then installed EE, halfway through encryption I restarted then after POST and BIOS below error appeared in the screen:


                McAfee endpoint encryption. Fatal error (0xEE00000B) EPEi_system_policy


                Well, that's supposed to be "Interface not Found Error" code from McAfee EE as per the doco. So I used the BartPE and EEtech and decrypted disk and replaced the MBR. Recovery process went smoothly.


                That's the recovery process but with regard to error, I found out when Pointsec installs, it first backs up the registry setting for the current GINA, which is normally msgina.dll, but since it is in the OSD environment, the value is osdgina.dll.  Then Pointsec installs and changes the active GINA to pssogina.dll.  So when I uninstall Pointsec from this machine, the uninstaller removed pssogina.dll and replaced the registry entry that pointed to osdgina.dll (which is no longer present on the machine).  When the computer rebooted it looked for osdgina.dll and couldn't find it, thus the error message.


                I never had problems uninstalling Pointsec 5.x and installing EE6 but it seems like 6.x doesn't uninstall cleanly. So i obtaned a recovery disk from Checkpoint (according to them there is an issue unless manually to the changes) to uninstall.


                more later..



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                  a tough condition for anyone to check for - PS was trying to put things back as it found them, but someone else changed the situation in between. I guess you'd have to write this off as a niche condition.

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                    you're right. This is very specific to my customer environment.

                    incomplete uninstall of a competitive product (in my case Pointsec) could lead this. in this case `incomplete` means leaving competitive products Ginaxx dll file in the registry/system32.


                    When troubleshooting GINA issues your first place to look is in the registry is:

                    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Win Logon "Ginadll ="