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    Yellow warning icon all the time


      I have McAfee Security Suite (purchased 25/06/09) installed.  It was running fine till this week.  I recently upgraded o/s from Vista to Windows 7 but that didn't cause a problem.  Suddenly I'm getting the "your computer is not fully protected" yellow warning everytime I boot up.  clicking 'Fix' doesn't fix it but sometimes 'update' will though not always.  I have installed McAfee Virtual Technician and I thought that had fixed it.  I also checked what advanced settings I had and ticked any 'ignored problems'.  None of that has fixed it.  Today the Virtual Technician is telling me that I don't have McAfee Security Suite installed and it won't let me access the help options (I wanted to email).  I  have been into my account and checked my subscription but all is fine there.  any ideas how to fix this, anyone?