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    EERM requires Autorun???


      I have just started testing EERM and have configured a policy that protects the entire USB drive and makes it read only if not protected. Everything works as expected EXCEPT that it appears Autorun may be required to be enabled on a machine with EEFF (including EERM) installed.


      I asked because, with autorun enabled, inserting the USB drive produces a password prompt and if the correct password is entered, everything is OK. If Cancel is clicked at the password prompt, the drive looks just like it does on a machine without EEFF installed. However, attempting to execute MfeEERM.exe on the machine with EEFF installed produces the following error.


      EERM Error Message When Attempting to run MfeEERM.exe on machine with EERM Installed.bmp

      I can't seem to cause the autorun to execute manually -- there is no context menu item visible to "execute" it (XP SP3).


      Am I missing something or is autorun on USB devices a requirement for an EERM protected USB device to be used on a machine with EEFF installed?