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    EEPC v6 Quick Start Guide

      I put together an Unofficial Quick Start Guide for those new to EEPC v6. We are working to transfer this from my personal McAfee blog to the blog for this community, but for now this link is good: http://community.mcafee.com/blogs/danlarson/2009/11/30/unofficial-quickstart-gui de-for-mcafee-eepc-v6

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          Great, I have a few comments:

          1. "Check in the Endpoint Encryption extensions" should be "Install the Endpoint Encryption extensions", checking-in wording is for updating ePO master repository.

          2. Please list default values and indicate wherever they need to be changed (provide reason for that change, if possible...)

          3. In "End User Experience" you say "The deployment task will push both....". This relates to tasks described previously, for a moment I thought that it was a new task. Is there any reason to have both tasks deployed separately? What would happen if they are deployed too rapidly (or both as one task)? Do you know what errors would occur and how to catch them?

          4. Finally, do you know if it is possible to deploy EEv6 Client in autoboot mode (Enable Automatic Booting - enabled), but without EEPC User Based Policy defined/enabled?

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            Thanks for the feedback. I'll update the post soon. I don't want to make it an encyclopedia, documenting every possible implication of every setting. If I were to do that, then it would no longer be a "quick" start guide. The goal is simply to get people up and running.


            Also, you can deploy in autoboot mode even if you don't have any users assigned. I have done this as a work-around when people didn't have the necessary info to setup the AD connection / sync.

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              Another question. In "Log On" tab settings you have said:

              "Require Endpoint Encryption logon: only enable for Vista or Windows 7"


              This feature works on XP too.

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                The origina post related to the "Unofficial Quick Start Guide for those new to EEPC v6" seems that is not under community portal anymore...is correct?

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                  Yes. That guide was written for v6.0 - we're now on 6.2.1 which comes with all the guides you could need.