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    Server reporting 2 different versions of VirusScan


      Have recently upgraded from epo 4 (using VirusScan 8.5) to 4.5 (using VirusScan 8.7) after the server went bonkers, so did a clean install.  Now have a strange problem where I have some servers show the new McAfee 'M' icon, but on a Remote Desktop session it's showing the old VirusScan Icon (blue shield with red m).  epo report the version as being 8.7, but right clicking on the icon show 8.5.  If I actually open the VirusScan console in remote desktop and go to help>about it show 8.7!!!


      A reboot seems to sort this, but I have servers whcih I can't just reboot, is there any service or program I can run to 'refresh' it.

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          I saw this a couple of times in the past, but when I right clicked on the "M" it came up and did say both versions were installed but the version info on the files was for 8.7i. What my issue ended up being was a registry entry in HKLM\Software\Network Associates that didn't get removed when that computer was upgraded to 8.7. It wasnt really running both versions, but it was reporting because as such because it had keys in there referencing both versions. I dont know if that is actually the problem in your particular case, but might be something to look at. It was a while ago, so I dont remember the "exact" key to point you to.