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    McAfee Icon

      Hi Peter,

      This is where I stand. I ran Spybot no errors.

      Malware -Clean

      Ad-Aware -Clean

      I decided to remove all the spyware & Ad-Aware & Malware from my system just in case something was messing me up with McAfee.

      I upgraded to I.E.8 -No help there either.

      With Malware I see "M" when I right click.

      With Ad-Aware I see a small "A" when I right click.

      The only thing that it could be is McAfee.

      I uninstalled & Re-Installed after I removed 1 program at a time just to see if that was program screwing me up.I am convinced with all the trouble shooting I did It points to McAfee. All the other programs give me there Icon on a right click.Again I only saw the "M" on a right click was when a tech told me to reload the signature files.I must have done that 20 times yesterday.It is a long process uninstalling 1 program at a time & then reinstall Mcafee.I can't even remember how many times I did it.

      What's Your Take,