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    Q&A from the brownbag technical session Wednesday November 18th.

      ‑cathy tebo asked:

      Q: and what is the minimum OS and minimum SQL version for MVM 6.8?

      A:  Windows 2003 and SQL 2005.

      ‑David Zeichick asked:

      Q: I have from my sales rep that 6.8 is an upgrade of SQL Server from 2000 to 2005.  Is this correct?

      A:  If you are asking if 6.8 requires SQL 2005 that is correct and also the 6.7 requirement. The last version that supported both SQL 2000 and 2005 was MVM 6.5.

      ‑cathy tebo asked:

      Q: okay...so if they really didn;t want to buy new hardware, it could be run on 1850?

      A:  Yes 6.8 is supported on the Dell 1850 platform.

      ‑cathy tebo asked:

      Q: even though I like the larger ram and hard drive space

      A:  Same as above.


      ‑David Zeichick asked:

      Q: Do we still need to use IE for full functionality of the new UI?  Or can we now use other browsers?

      A:  The only browser that is officially supported and offers full functionality is Internet Explorer.


      ‑mark baggett asked:

      Q: Planned enhancements for Web vulnerability scanning?   When can we scan by host name instead of IP address (which is mostly useless)?

      A:  The MVM product has always been able to scan by hostname.


      ‑phanindra Voram asked:

      Q: what is the best process for installing 6.8.x from 6.5.6 ?  Upgrade or Fresh Installation

      A:  That depends on if you want to preserve your scan configurations and historical data. If you want to preserve that data I suggest you upgrade. If you don’t care about that data you might consider a fresh installation.


      ‑Chris Smith asked:

      Q: What reporting capabilities are there for remediation tickets with 6.8?  Can I run reports on rem. tickets assigned to particular users?

      A:  At this time NO, there is no reporting for remediation tickets.  There is an open Feature Modification Request to add remediation reporting functionality to a future version.  The FMR # is (413443) , and I’ve added your name as a requesting party.


      ‑charles millsaps asked:

      Q: our fs1000's have sql20005 already and have read the upgrade installation.  I just didint' know if there was something else I should be aware of

      A:  As long as you have followed all of the preparation in our documentation for the 6.8 upgrade you shouldn’t have any issues.



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