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    EPO 4.5 and VSE 8.7. DAT not updating automatically (works manually)

      New server with EPO 4.5, from old server with 3.6.

      Rolled out VSE 8.0 Patch 16 via old EPO 3.6.

      Upgraded Agent and VSE via new epo successfully to Agent 4.5 and VSE 8.7 patch 2.

      No errors at this point and previous testing did not show problems.


      However I am now noticing a large number of the PCs are not updating the DATs automatically.

      If I go to a PC, opne the virus console and run update manually the DAT is downloaded and installed without error. The console Update option has 'Not Scheduled' listed but I assumed this was because it was controlled via the agent.

      All the machines have the most current engine.


      It seems like a schedule problem but I cannot find any settings for DAT rollouts. The repository is set to update every 24 hours and downloads the latest DAT and Engine - but NOT SuperDAT - is that the issue?