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    Protection status:  not protected!

      On my Home page I keep getting the message that my computer is not totally protected!  The message indicated that there are one or more problems that require my response.  Problem areas appear to be in "Computer & Files ", as well as the "Internet & Network" files.  I subscribe to the 3 User McAfee Total Protection and McAfee Anti-theft File Protection programs.


      I have tried several different avenues to correct the issue but have not been able to resolve.  The "Am I protected" message continues to indicate "No".


      Please be advised that I ran the Virtual Technician process and the results were: "no problems found."!


      Thank you very much.

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          Can you provide some information like,

          What is the computer’s operating system ?
          How is the computer connected to the internet (cable/Wireless)?
          Can you provide the error message that shows up underneath the fix button .


          Dinesh K
          McAfeeOnline Community Moderator

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            Please clarify and follow the steps suggested bellow.



            How long have you been facing the issue?

            Have you made any recent changes to the computer (eg: system restore)? Did we make any recent change to the computer (Software or hardware)?

            Are you getting any alerts related to virus on your computer recently?

            Are you getting any message in the Right hand panel of McAfee security center like “Real time scanning is disabled or Verfiy subscription…”






            post the MVT session ID number in this Thread



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              Hi Dinesh and thank you.  Answers to your questions:


              1.  Operating system:  Windows XP

              2.  Connection:  cable

              3.  Message under "Fix":  "Action Required!" in both the Computer & Files box, as well as, in the Internet & Network box.  Additionally there is the message that I needed to verify subscriptions now and I did so with a resulting positive response.


              As indicated in the original message, the Virtual Technician found no problems and unsuccessful "Fix" message was "one or more problems require your response"

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                Hello  ~  thank you very much for the response and assistance.  Answers to your questions detailed below.  What is MVT session ID number and where can I find it?  Also was unable to discern any action steps to correct!  Did I overlook directions or do not understand your comments?  Thank you...dc


                1.  How long facing issue?  just started over this past weekend:  11/28 or 11/29

                2.  Recent changes to computer?  No

                3.  Recent changes made by "we" (I assume referring to McAfee)  No

                4.  Recent alerts related to viruses?  No

                5.  Message in right hand panel?  Verify subscriptions.  Completed and current.

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                  Check and delete if you have any other security software in control panel (or) C:\program files and common files.

                  Run this tool from http://us.mcafee.com/apps/agent/tools/ts/ts_getemail_new.asp and verify whether all McAfee programs are displayed under the same email address which you subscribed for.


                  Dinesh K
                  McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                    Dinesh K  ~  be advised that I confirmed as requested that the email listed for all my McAfee products is correct, the same and current.  Also please be advised that there are no other security software programs on/in the "C" drive.


                    What is next?  I am still getting the "not protected" message!  Thank you

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                      I have this same problem -- it happens after everytime McAfee updates itself!  I'll see the updating icon in my systray, a popup will appear that the program has been updated, and then when I click that away, I get a warning: Protection status:  not protected!


                      When I click on the warning, my McAfee control panel comes up with a list of all the things that aren't protected, and I'm instructed to click "fix", which does (apparently) correct the problem, but only until the next update.  Sometimes virus definition updates come daily -- I'm forever fixing my protection!


                      This started about four weeks ago.  I've downloaded the virtual technician also, which tells me there are no problems with my program. I'm using XP, cable, home network.  The other computer on our network is not having this problem.  It runs Vista.

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                        Possible that it could be a trojan that disables McAfee.Have you scanned your computer completely.


                        Also try to run a scan in safe mode.