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    Blank Screen Problem

      Hi Everyone,


      First time posting and wondered if anyone can help with the following problem.


      Today I went into My Documents and accidently clicked on the MCPR programme which is part of the McAfee Security Center.


      It began extracting and deleting files, now as soon as I open up McAfee Security Center all I get is a blank screen. ( See attached picture)


      How can I get everything back to normal?



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          Hi ,

          Mcpr is nothing but  Mcafee Consumer Products Removal Tool, it has deleted the mcafee security center which was installed on the computer.
          You will have to reinstall the programs again.

          Note : Before you install the programs ; delete all files and folders of mcafee from C:/program files and common files and start installing again.


          Dinesh K
          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            Dinz excuse me adding but you might have to rerun the removal tool as it appears you might have clicked cancel when it was only part way through the removal. Otherwise Security center would not have had an icon to open.



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