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    "Not Protected"

      I have been getting these "not protected" messages for months now - I assumed it would be fixed by now


      a) can someone explain what these are ?


      b) when will McAfee fix this ???




      PS - this will be a reason not to reup when subscription expires

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          What reason does it say inside the Security Center?


          For example, "Your signature files are 7 days old" or "Privacy Service is missing components"


          You can open Security Center by double clicking the M Icon in your system tray near the clock.



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            hmmmm, I don't remember it actually having a reason, I just hit the Fix It again, and it goes away for awhile. Do I have to drill down, or is it right there ????


            I do notice it often does it a few minutes after any update


            The updates seem to be nightly now, is that expected ????



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              We update the Virus Definitions daily. Depending on the time they are releases it could be day or night.


              The Security Center will look something like this when you get the "not protected" message.




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                Hi Saty,


                     Not protected messages comes only if some process in the McAfee Security Center is not working properly. Some of these issues can be resolved, by simply clicking on the Fix button, but some won't.


                So next time when you are getting that message, please check for any mesaages on the right pane of the McAfee Security Center before clicking on fix.


                If in case you need more assistance for the issue, you can contact our Free Technical Support Chat by clicking on the below link ( 24/7 Service ).





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                  OK, I will look next time


                  Once fixed, what breaks it again ????


                  It pretty much updates within 5 minues of Power up everynight, so it can't be out of date


                  So, some "component" goes missing ????

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                    McAfee SecurityCenter monitors the health of the security applications installed. There are many different messages. I pasted in part of the help file below which has a table of some example messages and their resolutions.


                    Fixing protection problems

                    Most security problems can be fixed automatically; however, some problems may require you to take action. For example, if Firewall Protection is disabled, SecurityCenter can enable it automatically; however, if Firewall Protection is not installed, you must install it. The following table describes some other actions that you might take when fixing protection problems manually:



                    A full scan of your computer has not been performed in the last 30 days.

                    Scan your computer manually. For more information, see the VirusScan help.

                    Your detection signature files (DATs) are out-of-date.

                    Update your protection manually. For more information, see the VirusScan help.

                    A program is not installed.

                    Install the program from the McAfee Web site or CD.

                    A program is missing components.

                    Reinstall the program from the McAfee Web site or CD.

                    A program is not activated, and cannot receive full protection.

                    Activate the program on the McAfee Web site.

                    Your subscription has expired.

                    Check your account status on the McAfee Web site. For more information, see Managing your subscriptions in the help file.



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                      Well, yes, those all seem like nice reasons, but it can't be anything like those.


                      Typically it does any update when I get home, and then 2 or 3 times during a night it will throw a "Not Protected"


                      It has never been unable to "Fix"


                      I don't turn anything off, or change anything, it just goes unprotected


                      I mean it seems like there are a zillion people here having this issue


                      This happens all the time

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                        I mean it isn't like I actually take some "action" - manual scan, reload the new DAT, reinstall some componet.


                        I hit the Fix It button - the program can't do that by itself ????


                        Not that it should have to

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                          Once you get me the message I will know how to proceed.



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