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    Virus Scan freezes on file

      My auto VirusScan froze on a file for 8 hours this weekend (100% CPU for mcods.exe)


      It is always the same file (Roxio/VideoWaveMC.exe) - this is not a new file (5 yrs +)


      I copied the file, and it freezes on the copy


      Virtual Technician runs cleanly


      It will not let me skip the file


      McAfee is up to date.

      Windows XP is up to date


      Malware and SpySweeper are happy



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          I ran CHKDSK w/o errors last week, but have not run it since problem


          I would think if it were bad sectors the copy would not also hang, but I will copy it over from the original CD tonight

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            I also just encountered this same problem with the same file:



            Yes, this is an old file in an old program(Roxio VideoWave Movie Creator) which was designed for XP. But I have been scanning it cleanly for 5+ years without any problem until this weekend(11/29/09)


            A full scheduled scan froze on this file in several attempts; an individual file scan of it also froze....would not begin to scan. I also tried scanning a copy with the same result. I also cannot skip the file. I tried to scan in SafeBoot mode and it froze there as well. I turned off Artemis and re-scanned with same freezing effect.


            Virtual Technician comes up clean, all McAfee products up-to-date and everything working fine.

            Check Disk comes up clean

            SpyBotS&D comes up clean

            No other issues or indications of infection.


            I did a System Restore which made no difference, as it scanned after McAfee updated DAT. This would seem to imply that the last DAT is not compatible with this file?


            Note: the videowaveMC.exe program still runs ok...I just can't scan my computer now(without it freezing up).


            I did notice that the McAfee program file 'mcods.exe' stays maxed out even after the scan is canceled. I have to manually stop the mcods.exe file in Task Manager in order to effectively use the computer again.


            I wasn't able to find a way to exclude the videowaveMC.exe file from the McAfee scan. Is there a way to do that? Or better yet fix this incompatibility with McAfee.


            I had thought I was alone in this problem and searched through the forums here for an answer...but now I see I(we) are not alone.


            Any help from the powers that be to fix this or provide a solution would be greatly appreciated.


            System stats:

            Windows XP SP3



            Security Center

            version 9.15

            build 9.15.160



            Virus Scan

            version 13.15




            5818.0000 (11/30/2009)

            Engine version 5301.4018


            Personal Firewall

            version 10.15

            build 10.15.106


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              yep, yep, yep


              all same with me


              mcods.exe still runs, you have to clobber it in Task Manager


              near as I can tell, my CPU was pegged a 100% for 8 hours Sunday mnorning. very nice mcafee.


              I will rerun CHKDSK tonight, but your note about the same file makes me all the more covinced i is McAfee and this file.


              the Roxio program seems to work fine

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                I wonder if there is a problem with the latest dat file or mcAfee scan program.  Mine gets stuck on a Zip file "Magellan_Maestro_3100_2_18.zip".  It looks like scan is still working, but it shows 13% finished and it is always on the same file.  The file is too big to attach.

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                  If you have file VirusScan is freezing on, please submit it to Webimmune https://www.webimmune.net/default.asp


                  Once you have submitted it please give me the analysis ID.



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                    Thanks, will do tonight.

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                      ID 5669532 - THIS ONE NEVER RETURNED A RESULT


                      ID 5669562 took awhile



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                        cAfee Labs - Beaverton

                        Current Scan Engine Version:5400.1158

                        Current DAT  Version:5819.0000

                        Thank you for your submission.


                        Analysis ID:  5669562



                        inconclusive [ videowavemc.exe ]


                        Upon  analysis the file submitted does not appear to contain one of the 200,000 known  threats in the AutoImmune database. The file may contain a new threat, or no  code capable of being infected. Your submission is being forwarded to an Avert  Labs Researcher for further analysis. You will be contacted by AVERT through  e-mail with the results of that  analysis.






                        McAfee Labs

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                          Thanks for submitting the file. I wasn't expecting it to be detected as anything. Now that we have the file on our servers I will be able to have a researcher take a look at it.



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