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    scan32.exe error.


      having problems while weekly scanning of McAfee 8.7i.  ends abruptly with an error.  tried reinstalling again after cleapup. but has not solved.

      kindly guide me, pls. VSE 8.7i, Patch 2.


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          I have moved this thread to the VirusScan Enterprise area. Has your issue been resolved? If not please provide some more information, such as the exact error you are receiving. Thanks!

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            Dear April,

            Greetings of the day.

            Thanks for moving the post as well as the reply to my query.

            well the issue is still pending and has not been resolved.

            recently my system was updated with Windows update with critical as well as SP3 and encountered some problems while computing regarding some of the softwares installed.

            did a repair of WinXP professional.

            started to encounter the error Scan32.exe while Full scan or Targeted scan.  Attached is the error file copied from the Event viewer.

            so, made a clean uninstall of VSE 8.7i virus scan, Antispyware and site advisor.  Used the Mcafee cleanup tool and removed all registry entries etc.

            made a reinstall of VSE 8.7i virus scan, Antispyware and site advisor.  Getting the same error, Scan32.exe has encountered a faulty application error and needs to close.

            systems is WinXP, SP2, 1GB RAM, 1.7GHz, 40GB HDD, Graphic card 64MB, VSE8.7i Patch 2, bundeled with Anti-spyware 8.7i and siteadvisor.

            thanks and wish that you could be of some help.

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              You can use the ADPLUS.vbs tool, included with the Microsoft Windows Debugger install, to capture a dump of the failure.

              That dump can then be submitted to McAfee for analysis.


              In lieu of analyzing a dump, you could retry installing the product but use the latest posted package available. It includes Patch 2. The version you are installing contains Patch 1.

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                Greetings William,

                Thanks a lot for your message and the information on using the ADPLUS tool.  am just an learner and not a SA and am not aware of the advanced computing, but however with the help of the technician, would try and learn the process of debugging, wow, what an opportunity to learn and thanks again.

                Secondly, have installed the setup containing the VSE 8.7i with patch 2 which was released when i reinstalled it.

                would u like me to try installing the VSE 8.7i and then patch 1 and then patch 2, just to give it an option and see how it works.  who know anything is possible on a microsoft operating system???