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    McAfee Icon

      Hi Peter,

      First thing this morning I deleted all my temp files, Cookies, Clear out forms & Passwords.Then I unistalled Mcafee with the Mcafee tool.I then reinstalled Mcafee & still no icon.To clear your icon cache all you have to do is change the color from 32 bit to 16 bit back to 32.But I started this project with a clean system.I would think that this icon came in a Dat.Maybe you can ask McAfee in your weekly phone call if that is true & if it is maybe they would no the Dat number & I can reload it manually through thee McAfee threat center.Not sure if I made any sense but that is what went through my mind.


      Thanks As Alway's


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          Peter might still be asleep so i will ask but which icon is it the icon for security centre on the desktop or the icon in the system taskbar?


          A pic is worth a thousand words?


          If it is the system taskbar icon right click a file and choose scan does the icon return?

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            Hi Tony,

            It is not really a big deal ,it is the McAfee icon when you right click on a file next to scan.




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              Was coming back to alter my post after reading your other thread. Yes will ask the powers that be . My beta shows the icon on scan as well. I wonder why you still on ie7?


              Have your tried to reset IE to defaults or load ie8?


              Strange as I said will ask on your behalf

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                Sorry I had to take care of somethiing.Mcafee tech support took control of my computer last sunday because the update check on the main page was not showing the right date after a auto update.If you do a manual update the date changes correctly.Anyway still with that problem but did a google search & other users are having the same problem.If you click on about on the main page the date is correct.So tech support reloaded I.E.7.I still have the same problem but I am waiting for the new user interface to come out.Sometimes the date changes.

                I would like to know why I don't see the icon next to scan.I never did.