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    Eco Antivirus

      My pc has been infected with a virus called Eco Antivirus. I haved scanned my pc several times with McAfee and it has not yet been completely removed. When browsing the web I get a message at the top of my window in a yellow bar that says, "Your system might be at risk, click here to protect your system with Eco AntiVirus. Please help!

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          You could try running our free stinger tool with Artemis enabled on 'very high' in  report only mode, then post the report back here for us to review.


          Details can be found here: http://vil.nai.com/vil/stinger





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            Tried it and it didn't work, this is getting very frustrating.



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              Tried it again and no luck. Eco AntiVirus isn't listed as a virus that Stinger checks for. I saw no evidence of any report except that drive C had been scanned. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place?

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                Peter M

                Check this removal guide out:  http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-eco-antivirus-2010


                That forum is very reliable.  Don't click the first links you see as they are adverts.  Scroll down the page.

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                  Using your link, I found Malwarebytes Antimalware free download. It found 14 infections, and they all looked too be Eco AntiVirus related. Been browsing for a few minutes and haven't seen any evidence of the virus still infecting my pc. My thanks too you Ex Brit.


                  What worries me is that this virus was allowed to infect my pc in the first place. My daughter swears she didn't download it, but I see no other explanation, other than the possibility that MacAfee let it slip by and I don't really think that could happen. I've had problems with her using my pc before, she's 16 yrs. old, and anyone who has a 16 yr. old girl on a pc knows what I'm talking about.



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                    Peter M

                    Glad it's gone.  It's unfortunate that these things happen but simply clicking on a link can cause it....it's really difficult to be 100% sure these days what is good and what is bad.


                    Unfortunately no software exists that is proof against everything out there and many of these fake entities aren't always malware in themselves but can cause problems if allowed to establish themselves or if one clicks on one of their pop-up warnings without checking for authenticity.