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    Mcafee Integrated Security Platform has stopped working.

      Hi, I need some help.


      I am running 64 bit Vista on a Dell Studio XPS.  I was having issues with Mcafee and I uninstalled it.  I have been trying to re-install and having absolutely no luck.


      I have read through the threads but I am still unable to launch the freaking installation platform and download the program.


      To date, I have:

      1. Uninstalled the McAfee software.
      2. Used the McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool.
      3. Followed the re-installation instructions for failed installs
      4. Made sure that any and all 3rd party antivirus software was uninstalled
      5. Deleted all cookies, history, etc
      6. Prayed


      Nothing has worked and I can't get the software back onto my system.




      Am I missing something?