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    MEE v5 Database on a SAN or DAS?

      I have read the MEE Best Practices Guide and I have a situation where I need to pick the lesser of two evils. The MEE v5 database will have about 5,000 users and machines each.


      1. 100+GB Tier 2 SAN




      2. 100+GB DAS RAID 1 but the MEE Manager/Database will be on the system drive C:\


      I would like to go with number 2 because of DAS but a second partition cannot be created. I would have to use the system drive unfortunately. What would you choose?



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          I know situation where 20x larger database is on SAN. It works.


          So what is that RAID 1 DASD used for? C: drive? No?

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            Thanks for the response today peter_eepc,


            The C:\ drive is the DASD RAID 1. This is a blade server and it does not have any shared applications. It will be exclusive for MEE only. I do not anticipate running out of space on this RAID 1. Is there any other reasons that the Best Practices Guide recommends having the database separate from the system drive?


            I do not want the database to be on the system drive but the Best Pratices Guide states using SANs was not recommended and you must use Tier 1. Do you know what Tier was your 20x database?

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              A separate drive for database is recommended because of less corruption possibility, potential for better performance due to a separation from system drive, ease of backup etc.

              SAN must be Tier 1, mostly for performance reasons.Can your disk subsystem sustain 1K or 2K random IO/s ?

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                In my opinion, both would work for a 5,000 node deployment. If I had to choose one I would go for the DAS RAID. I consider the "install app on C: and data on D:" to be a minor recommendation. The impact felt by implementing that best practice is less than that of using DAS.


                I do like SAN and don't want to give the impression that it doesn't work, but there has been a pattern of problems cause by SAN *configuration*. Since DAS is simpler, it is less like to have the problems caused by SAN misconfiguration.

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                  Thanks for the advice Dlarson,


                  We are going with the DAS RAID. I trust the SAN was properly configured but I do not want to take any chances.