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    Not fully protected Message

      I have been getting the above message for some time.To get rid of it I have restarted the pc and suffered the inconvenience.

      Now I cannot get rid of the message. It may be since I installed PCtools Registry Mechanic 9.


      In running MTV  3 times I always end up with 1 problem not resolved.----

      ---" Problem: Service(s) not running (1)


      Two attachments may help.   Thank you.

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          I bought the 3-User McAfee Total Protection--Security Centre in June 2008.


          Therefore I will re-write my problem in SecurityCentre 8. 2008 forum.

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            Could you post me with the error message you get underneath the Fix button.
            And can you confirm whether you have installed any other security softwares in the computer?

            Dinesh K
            Mcafee Online Community Moderator.

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              Thank you.    I have attached that which I believe you need.


              Other security S/W includes PC Tools registry mechanic. Please re-read my original Post.  Also Windows Defender.

              I had Norton before McAfee which I think I removed, I thought I had Windows Firewall although I cannot find it at the moment and CheckIT


              Last week I installed The PCTools.


              To sum-up, I have always intended to remove other like S/W, eg Norton and turn off other security S/W eg Windows Defender.

              Up to the time of installing PCTools I have suffered getting the message from McAfee " not fully protected " for a very long time but I have always managed to clear the problem. It seems that since the installation of PCTools I just cannot get rid of the one last problem thus my plea for help.

              I have just noticed In the attachment that it asks me to re-instal McAfee Viruscan.I have not done this.

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                I have been getting almost the same problem since the middle of last week. Endless you are not protected messages and virtual technician saying processes not running.

                I have tried re-installing but it still happens. Finally the chat funtion won't download so I can't use that.....anyone help please?

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                  Hi DESKMCA ,


                  The error depicted in your security center states that McAfee Virus scan and its components are not receiving updates, 


                  Before you update ;

                  Check the computer’ s date & time
                  Check and delete if you have any other antivirus software from add/remove programs, C:/programs files and common files.
                  Download the update tool from:


                  Double-click MSCPRXFIX.exe.

                  After running the tool, restart the computer.

                  To check for updates, right-click the M icon in the system tray and select Updates.


                  Let me know if you have any issues in running the tool.




                  Dinesh K ,
                  McAfee Online Community Moderator




                  on 11/30/09 10:34 AM
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                    Hi rod_hillier,

                    May I know what is the constant error you receive in the security center?
                    Is it the same as shown in  above picture or else can you specify what is the error message you receive underneath the Fix button?

                    And post me the Mcafee virtual technician session id so that I could review the installed mcfee products and update you on the same.


                    Dinesh K
                    McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                      Unfortunately it didn't work. I tried twice. I believe that the result is about the same. It may be a little worse.

                      Two attach. may help you to help me further----I hope so. It worries me that I have been un-protected for some time.


                      As i said in my first Post, I have just installed PCTools Registry Mechanic. Could this be a factor. Thank you so far.

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                        Good morning. The following may help.

                        My Dell laptop with Vista has identical PCTools Registry S/W and identical McAffee S/W. Its McAfee s/w runs OK.


                        I am enclosing the SIGNATURE of the Dell used in your Forum. You may like to compare with my Desktop Signature.


                        I hope that you have time to continue your help.

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                          Hi Dinesh K, sorry it has taken me so long to reply. The number was 22269180. Last night the virus scan updated and so far this morning there has not been a problem.

                          The message before was that two systems were not running. In security centre two parts turned yellow and said the computer was not protected.

                          Thank you for your help,


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