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    McAfee Icon

      Hi Peter,

      My question was never answered . I told Ron I would wait till today, bbut I never got the icon.His last post to me was Vista does the same.I had replied & asked him to clarify what does vista do the same.All I want to know If there should be a icon when I right click on the M.I shouls see a little m next to scan.Is this a update I didn't get.I am not trying to go around Ron but I never got a answer.Did I not get a update ?



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          Please use the reply button not make a new thread otherwise we lose track of people.   You should still stick with that other thread.  CopyRon, like myself, is a volunteer here so can't be on the board all the time.  There is always the real Technical Support Chat reachable through the McAfee Support link at top of this page.