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    False positive - CSM software

      Dear McAfee,


      Please help to resolve this issue:


      My company is using McAfee and McAfee detected our company's software as trojan !?


      Company name: VinaGame JSC Vietnam

      Website: www.vinagame.com.vn





      Software information:

      Name: CSM(Cyber Station Manager)

      URL: http://csm.zing.vn

      Installer download link: http://csm.vinagame.com.vn/downloadapp/client.zip


      I have submitted files to Virus_Research@avertlabs.com(Analysis ID: 5659906  ) but I only received an automatic response.


      Thanks and best regards,

      Minh Ngo.

      PS: I had posted this topic in business but there's not any reply.



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