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    Unable to reinstall McAffe

      Hey guys:


      Please, forget my bad English.

      First at all, I have to say I've purchased a 3 user licence which I was running on 3 PC's  Windows 7-based. One of them was a 64 bits version.

      Well, I uninstalled McAffe by using an uninstall software because I've never got any kind of support from the McAffe web site. That's weird and creepy: am I the only one in the face of the earth who can not get help from the service he payed? That's absurd. Let me show what I mean:

      mcaffe error.PNG

      That's helpful respond I have EVERYTIME I've tried to connect me to McAffe whatever the circunstance: using Kaspersky, McAffe, Windows XP, wired, wireless, Windows 7 32 or 64 bits... I just can not figure out why I've got such a message EVERYTIME. In my case, I can either download the McAffe remove tool (I supposed that was the way one usually does).


      Well, I had McAffe on my desktop PC (I've also got bad experiences on the installing  process over wireless laptops) which was running a 64 bits version of Windows 7. Now I'm trying to reinstall the software I payed for on the same PC but on another version -32 bits. That would be sound pretty easy but it's not. When I try to lunch the installing I get on the other hand:


      Great, I don't have in mind buy another license, I'm just trying to use my product. Why is this so cranky and ridiculous to perform?

      Also, I have noticed the fact that, even If I'm going to renew the licence, the new one is more expensive than my original subscription. Who want to explain me that?


      I don't know if this important but I'd like to say that I don't live in USA and the licence was purchased over the internet. I'm suggestion if my bad experience is related with this fact.


      Any suggestion is wellcome.



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          I believe that you are in Sweden, correct?   For any license issues you would have to speak, or use the online chat to connect, with Customer Service for your area here: http://service.mcafee.com/CustomerService.aspx?lc=1053&sg=CS&pt=1


          Technical Support is available through these forums and through the Technical Support Chat - see McAfee Support link at the top of this page.

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            Thank you for your post.

            Yes, I'm living in Sweden but I bought the license over the internet on the USA site.


            I explained that I can't get any help from Mcaffe. Once I chatted with the supporting staff but he couldn't help me.

            I'm getting the same blank page with the message "An error ocurred."

            I used Kaspersky for some time ago and I don't remember issus with the install/reinstall procedure. At that point they don't have stable version for Windows 7, so I got McAffe.

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              McAfee relies on Internet Explorer regardless of which browser you use so go to Internet Explorer Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click Reset.  Click Apply and OK and OK any pop-up UAC prompts.


              Close and reopen IE then go to Tools/Manage Add-ons and re-enable the add-ons.


              Try that webpage again as you may simply have corrrupted cookies.


              If you got McAfee from the US site than their Technical Support Chat is open 24/7


              For questions regarding the licence issue Customer Service is open on the phone also 6am - 6pm your time where you can register/activate over the phone or via Chat..



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                Hi sociedaddelocio,

                Are you still facing the issue installing McAfee  ? If so , please let us know where you using McAfee programs previously in this computer ?


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