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    McAfee Virtual Technician

      This is what I get when I try to use MVT  "MVT cannot continue until you have rebooted your PC to finish your McAfee VT Product upgrade.  MVT will resume after you reboot your system."


      So when I reboot my system MVT will not work because it hasn't realized that my PC has been rebooted. Can someone help me with this minor issue. Has someone encountered this problem before? Would greatly appreciate some help.


      Thanks in advance


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          I have the exact same problem...any suggestions?

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            HI Hunter & nora,

            Are you logging inn as the administrator at the time you are using Mcafee Virutal Technician.

            If so ; try running mvt from http://mvt.mcafee.com and let me know if you encounter any issues.


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            Dinesh K
            McAfee Online Community Moderator

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              Thank you Dinesh...I uninstalled MVT that wasn't working via add/remove.  I turned off my PC totally and waited about 1/2 hr.  then I rebooted. I installed again as per your instructions and the installation showed "successfully installed".  I then rebooted and from the shortcut that was installed on my desktop I double clicked and got the same message "MVT could not continue until you have rebooted, etc.etc."  I have no idea after many reboots why MVT would not run.  I also tried from "all programs".  Yes, I'm logging in as the administrator.  It has always worked in the past and I have been using McAfee for about two years plus.  Awaiting your reply.  Thank you in advance.   Nora

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                Hello Dinesh:-

                     As I have not seen any more suggestions as to why MVT won't install after rebooting

                I am beginning to wonder if there is anything else that might be going on????  I have run

                a couple of anti-spyware clean -up utilities and all seems to be fine.  Are Hunter and I the

                only ones having this problem?  Nora 

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                  Hi Nora,


                  What you could possibly do is remove the MVT from the computer.Create a new Admin profile in windows. Try installing MVT from the  new user profile and check if that works.


                  Before you can do the above steps , try to remove MVT and install it back without restarting the computer and check if it work.If it does not work then proceed with the above steps.