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      I had to reinstall windows xp on my other computer.  I had 3 subscriptions on my downloads.  I have 2 computers total.  On one of my computers I just installed windows 7 and did the reinstall for McAfee, it installed with no problems.  So I don't know if that counted for a 3rd computer download.  Anyway that isn't my problem.  On my older computer, it was running sluggish so I reinstalled my other computer with Window xp (it could not upgrade to windows 7)  When I tried to reinstalled McAfee to that computer it keeps telling me it can't finish installing to run technical diagnostic, I run it, it says it fixed the problems and to reinstall McAfee, McAfee goes through all the steps to install and then states it cannot install.  I thought maybe it was my subscription, so I had to pay $7.50 more to add a 4th computer, thinking when I reinstalled the computer with windows 7, that I must have used the option for the 3rd computer.  So I don't know why I can't reinstall McAfee back on to the other computer.  Please help!!!