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    How to copy VSE 8.5i policies to VSE 8.7i policies in ePO ?




      I'm managing an ePO 4.0 server.  Presently, we're using MA 4 and VSE 8.5i on our systems.


      I'm setting-up a test group for VSE 8.7i, so I've loaded VSE 8.7i on the server in the Software pannel and I'd be ready to distribute it to our test systems.

      Except that we don't have 8.7 policies ready yet.

      I'm sure I read "somewhere" about a 8.5-to-8.7 Policy Converter or something but I can't find it.  When I installed the VSE 8.7i software on the server I saw an executable named ePO Policy Migration, so I ran it but it doesn't seem to have done anything.

      Anyone got any suggestions ?