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    EPO 4.0 - Problems performing updates



      I have been having this problems for week know,  my EPO server is unable to download the latest DAT file from McAfeeHttp site update.nai.com/Products/CommonUpdater, look like it times out when trying to download from the site.  I am using a Proxy to connect out, and it is configured wit a service account.  I have attached my proxy configuration for viewing.


      I have spoken with the people in change of the ISA department and we ran some tests, performed a few pulls and they showed me there log that I have also attached.


      The thing that confuses me is why is ISA telling me that I am performing a pull and its grabing my user and not the user I specified in the EPO configuration log.  Is there something I am doing wrong?  Or is this an ISA replated issue?


      I am that someone could help.




      Carlos Ferreira


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          Hi Carlos...


          I can't open the attachment, I'm afraid - but I assume that what is happening is that you have set credentials for the proxy, but ePO is trying to use the credentials of the logged-on user - is that correct?


          If so - does the pull task work correctly if no-one is logged in to the ePO server?


          Regards -