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    DLP and HIDS




      Not sure if I am doing something wrong but want to set a policy to monitor HIDS and printers that are attached to any system.  I created a Plug and Play policy and set to monitor USB ports and set to look for HID devices and Printers using the USB class codes.


      When the policy is enforced, it sees my USB hubs and other usb devices such as MSD's but does not recognize mice or printers.  so the question is, will DLP report HIDS and printers in a Monitor mode?  This is what is shown in the policy:


      This plug and play device definition contains all devices where:

                       Bus type is one of :  USB

                       the device is '03h - HID(Human interface device)','07h - Printer'


      It only seems to recognize MSD's on the system.


      Any ideas?




      Ken Mason