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    Remove old Computers from Epo 4.5?



      There seems to be quite a few workstations in my ePolicy 4.5 server that haven't been contacted for nearly a month, it seems these workstations are no longer alive and have been replaced.  Can I set up an auto delete for workstations that haven't contacted the ePo server for a month?


      Or is there a better solution?  I do an AD sync and I find our admin guys don't delete the computer account if the workstations is dead.

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          Hello Gonzouk,


          it seems in the first instance like a "catch 22" situation.


          There already exists a task within the ePO server task that can perform the removal of the machines ...


          The task is called "Inactive Agent Cleanup Task for 4.5" ... the problem is that whilst running the AD sync task this machines will be "re-inserted" into the systemtree where the task whilst running frequently will of course clean them again ...


          My advise at this point would be to ask if the nodes can be removed from the AD ...