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    Cannot register new Internet Security 2010


      I used to have a subscription through my internet provider xs4all.nl. Since I changed providers I bought Internet Security 2010, installed this on one of my machines and entered product key. This key was then apparently linked to the existing account, but I don't have any more the e-mail address belonging to it.

      I then de-installed IS 2010 and ran the software removal tool. Installed IS 2010 again, but registration did not succeed. The product key still appeared to be linked to the xs4all account.

      I made a new account, tried to link the product key to this account: no success.

      I tried to change the e-mail address from xs4all to my current address: no success.

      I did that again using an alias to my current e-mail address: no success.


      My question is: what can be done now?


      As I have two packages of a three licences IS 2010 to install on all of my six machines, I cannot proceed until I know how to solve this issue. The current subscriptions on all of the machines expires today!!


      System: Windows XP (build 2600) SP 3

      McAfee installed: SecurityCenter V: 9.15 - VirusScan V: 13.3 - Personal Firewall V: 10.3 - SiteAdvisor V: 2.9 - Anti-Spam V: 10.3 - EasyNetwork V: 3.15 - Backup and Restore - V: 3.15