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    VirusScan Enterprise 7

      Whilst I realise that this is no longer supported, I did expect to be able to re-install on a rebuilt laptop and it would update to the latest definitions, but it seems not! Update results in 'unable to update to version 5.4' during the engine update part and that is the end of that. Tried updating the frameworkmanifest.xml file to see if that helped based on a knowledgebase article but no luck. Can anyone help to get this working?

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          You can try using a SuperDAT package from the security update portion of the McAfee site.

          It should still work.


          Any product using the v1 DATs (such as VSE 7.x, and 8.0i) will not have signatures created for it after March 31, 2010.

          It would be in your best interest to use a newer version of the product, otherwise your risk levels of becoming infected are higher.

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            I tried to use a superdat but it did not help matters. When you say that I should use a newer product, are you suggesting that the product I purchased can no longer be used and I must buy a new product even though I have already paid for the product I have, which no longer works?

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              My bad - after a reboot it worked - must have needed that after using the superdat for some reason!

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                Nope - it got past the engine update this time but the update then failed with the message "Error occurred whiole copying SCAN.DAT" and update failed to 5813 - the about page says it has managed to update to 5812.


                Is there a fix for this?


                Is it really the case that a purchased product will stop having updates supplied? I read a post elsewhere saying that as a product was outdated the user was on their own now!

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                  I understand this is frustrating but this corporate product has really come to the end of its life in more ways than one. Due to developments in the wild, AntiVirus software now has to cope with an inordinate amount of threats and even different kinds of threats not even present when this product was first launched. Not upgrading the product itself is potentially very harmful.

                  Apart from that, even the platforms this software was developed for are no longer supported by Micrsoft which makes matters even more difficult.

                  In the same way hardware used on a corporate level generally has a life span of about 3 years, software basically deals with the same restrictions. McAfee caters for this by offering different levels of paid support which allow you software upgrades for the products covered. Keeping your software and signatures up to scratch is essential to working in a safe corporate environment.





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