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    ePO 4.5 help


      Have finally install epo 4.5 along with agent 4.5 and latest virusscan and things seem to be going ok.


      Although I have found a few problems which I was wondering if anyone could help with.


      1.  I can't seem to find the task for AD synchronisation, I only seem to be able to manually sync it from the System Tree.  I used to do async every hour and this was great for rollong out agents to new computers.

      2.  I can't find where to configure the distributed repositories to use ping or subnet when updating.

      3.  Automated responses don't seem to be working properly.  Configured an alert for malware which COULD be handled (i.e. deleted) and set it to send email on each individual event.  Tested it with Eicar Test File, got the email alert, albeit nearly 1 minute later, but all subsequent detections didn't send an email.  This seemed so much quicker and effective with version 4.

      4.  Still seem to be having same old issues with Client Tasks rolling out VSE i.e. it seems to be hit and miss whether it works or not.


      Hope you can help,


      Many Thanks in advance!

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          Apologies if this sounds like an RTM reply    - but the ePO 4.5 Product Guide can help you here.


          1) See "Synchronising the system tree on a schedule", page 127

          2) See "Configuring Agent Polices to use a distributed repository", page 187

          3) I would guess that the throttle is set: see "Setting Thresholds of the rule", page 259


          Number 4 on the other hand will require deeper investigation   The first place to be looking is the agent_machinename.log and mcscript.log on the client machines.


          Regards -



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            Many thanks Joe I do deserve that


            Have just had 2 days getting ePO up and not seeing the wood for the trees, now solved 1-3, 4 on the other down to problematic workstations methinks.


            Thanks again