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    Email Virus Alert Notification  - Categories (or variables) what do they mean? and is there a category for username?

      We are currently rolling out ePO 4.0 and using the email notification rule for virus notification.Within the email body there are certain categories(variables) which you can select. Is there a variable which captures the username or profile of the user who is currently logged onto the machine when the virus alert has been triggered? This may help targeting persistent offenders who trigger a virus alert.


      Is there a document which describes what there categories mean and what they releate to?


      I know within ePO, the client mcafee agent collects the properties of the machine and returns for example, System Name, IP address, OS  etc and also the current username logged in to the ePO management console. Is there a way of passing this captured information within ePO together with a virus alert? However, this would be very useful when an virus notifcation alert is triggered so that users who may be logged in to various machines could be causing the multiple virus infections.



      ePO 4.0 (Patch 4)

      VirusScan 8.7i (Patch 1)

      McAfee Agent 4.0 (Patch 1)



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